The conference will be held at Complesso Aldo Moro, Room S7, Via S. Ottavio 18, Turin.

About Turin

Turin, lively and elegant, stands as a testament to both its rich history and its vibrant present. This city, immersed in greenery and gently cradled by the Po River against the backdrop of the western Alps, offers an enchanting geographical charm.

As Italy’s first capital, Turin invites you to explore its layered history through its Royal Residences, palaces, and museums, as well as its parks, riverbanks, and the surrounding mountains. The city’s streets and squares, with their long arcaded stretches and multiethnic neighborhoods, tell stories of a harmonious blend of Roman urban planning, Piedmontese baroque splendor, and modern architectural innovation. Turin is a city to be savored slowly, inviting visitors to look up and around to absorb its unique atmosphere and diverse offerings.

In evolving with the times, Turin has also emerged as a significant hub of innovation, particularly noted for its contributions to the automotive, aerospace, and agri-food sectors. This industrial vigor has laid the groundwork for the city’s burgeoning interest in Artificial Intelligence, culminating in its selection as the future home of the Italian Institute of AI. With two prestigious universities and research labs like HPC4AI and SmartData@PoliTO fostering AI advancements, Turin stands at the forefront of technological progress. This vibrant city, which harmonizes the splendors of its past with the innovations of the future, invites scholars and visitors alike to experience its unique blend of cultural heritage and technological advancement.

About the venue

We are pleased to host the NLDB 2024 conference at the Complesso Aldo Moro, Room S7, located within the University of Turin’s vibrant historical campus. This venue, a blend of modernity and sustainability, is strategically situated in the city’s historical and academic heart, where it harmonizes with the urban campus model, integrating educational buildings into the city’s fabric. Central to the Complesso Aldo Moro is its serene internal courtyard. This thoughtfully designed space offers a calm setting for casual discussions and networking among conference participants, embodying the spirit of collaboration and innovation that we value.
The venue is equipped with modern facilities conducive to fostering educational methodologies, group interactions, and dynamic discussions. The arrangement of the buildings and the internal courtyard emphasizes our commitment to creating an inviting atmosphere for sharing knowledge and experiences.

We invite you to experience the unique combination of academic rigor and architectural beauty at NLDB 2024, set against the inspiring backdrop of Turin. This conference promises to be an enriching gathering of minds in an environment designed to facilitate meaningful exchanges.

The room in which the event will take place is Room S7

Suggestions for lunch around the conference venue

  • Nonna Cleme (pizzeria, gluten free food) – via Principe Amedeo, 41A [link]
  • Le Vitel Etonné (Piedmontese cuisine) – Via S. Francesco da Paola, 4 [link]
  • All’Antico Vinaio (panini e focacce) – Via Sant’Ottavio 18 [link]
  • Forno Ricca Mole (focacce e taglieri) – Via Sant’Ottavio 15 [link]
  • La via del Sale (Piedmontese cuisine) – Via S. Francesco da Paola, 2 [link]
  • Risotteria RIS Storie di Riso – Via Sant’Ottavio/Piazzale Aldo Moro [link]
  • La Buta Stupa (Piedmontese cuisine) – Via Gaudenzio Ferrari, 5f [link]
  • Maybu (ethnic) – Via Sant’Ottavio 18 [link]
  • Moi Moi (Salento gastronomy) – Via Ercole Tommaso Roero di Cortanze [link]
  • La Piola di Alfredo (Piedmontese cuisine – trattoria) – Via Sant’Ottavio, 44 [link]
  • Vibes – Via Montebello 22 [link]
  • Boston Bar – via Sant’Ottavio 2 [link]
  • Caffé Elena – piazza Vittorio Veneto 5 [link]
  • Caffé Verdi – Via Giuseppe Verdi, 43/B [link]
  • Caffé Vittorio Veneto – Piazza Vittorio Veneto [link]

Suggestions for dinner in Turin

  • Locanda della Regina – Via Villa della Regina 7 [link]
  • La Taverna del Bergè – Via Don Bosco 10C [link]
  • Caffè dell’Orologio – Via Oddino Morgari 16 [link]
  • Arcadia – Galleria Subalpina 16 [link]
  • Piola da Cianci – Largo IV Marzo 9/b [link]
  • Osteria Antiche Sere – Via Cenischia 9 [link]
  • Porto di Savona – Piazza Vittorio Veneto 2 [link]
  • Poormanger – Via Maria Vittoria 36 [link]

How to reach Turin

Turin is very well connected via air with many airlines providing direct flights. You can choose from various airlines like Ryanair, Lufthansa, KLM/Airfrance and more. The best way to reach Turin directly is via air, at Torino Airport. Alternatively, you can also reach Milan and take a train or bus to Turin.

How to reach Turin from the airport

Once landed in Turin, you can either take the Taxi or the shuttle from the airport (Aeroporto Caselle) to the city (Torino Porta Susa).

In this page you will find all the buses that come and go from the airport to the city.

The connection between the centre of Turin and Turin airport is guaranteed by the ARRIVA ITALIA service (9 stops and 3-stop EXPRESS runs – departure from P.zza Carlo Felice 39) and, from 15 June, by Flibco (direct – departure from Vittorio Emanuele II 131 bus station, opposite Palagiustizia).


The service runs every 15’/30′ every day of the year. The connection between the centre of Turin and the airport is also guaranteed by the bus service on the local route at 15′ and 45′ minutes on weekdays and at 0′ minutes on public holidays.

Fare: one way €7.50 (+ €1.00 on board).
Round-trip €11 (on promotion from 15/06/2023)
For Torino+Piemonte Card holders €6.50.

Departure: Piazza Carlo Felice 39

Journey time: 45/50 minutes.

Only passengers with a “Formula” season ticket or an ordinary ARRIVA ITALIA ticket are allowed on board.
Passengers are asked to bring their tickets before boarding.

Tickets: at the ticket machine in the Arrivals Area; at the information and sales point for services dedicated to tourism in the Arrivals Area; on board (+ information and sales point for services dedicated to tourism €1.00). A contactless payment service is available on board the bus with credit cards or virtualised cards (on enabled smartphones) directly, skipping the queue at the ticket office, and at no additional cost. 

Information: Single Contact Centre +39 035 28 9000.


The direct service will operate every day of the year from 3.45 a.m. until midnight with rides every 30 minutes. First departure from Turin towards the airport is at 3:30 a.m. and last departure at 10:30 p.m. From the airport towards Turin, the first departure is at 4:45 a.m. and the last at midnight.

Fare: €6.99 (one-way) and €11 (return). Tickets purchased on the ground or from other retailers may be subject to a surcharge.

Flexible tickets: has a flexible ticket policy that allows tickets to be cancelled and rescheduled up to 6 hours in advance. In addition, the same ticket can be used on the next chosen shuttle in the event of a flight delay.

Departure and arrival in Turin: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 131 bus station, stop no. 5 (opposite Palagiustizia).

Departure from the airport: Arrivals level, at the exit is the Flinco stop on the right.

Journey time: 30 minutes

Tickets: available online; via the Flibco app; at the dedicated desk in the Arrivals Area; at official ticket offices; on board the bus.


Turin is served by several airlines, including but not limited to Ryanair, Lufthansa, and KLM/Airfrance. Please refer to the respective airline websites for more details and booking options.

From Milan

You can reach Turin from Milan by train or bus.


Torino Porta Nuova is the train stop closest to the conference. You can buy tickets on Trenitalia or Italo. There are shuttles from the Malpensa or Linate airports to Milan train station.


You can use Flixbus or Flibco to reach Turin via Bus.

Taxis in Turin

Taxis in Turin are readily available. You can book a taxi via Taxi Torino or WeTaxi. Both services use WeTaxi as a backend system to ensure efficient and convenient service.