The 29th International Conference on Natural Language & Information Systems

25-27 June 2024, University of Turin, Italy.

The 29th Annual International Conference on Natural Language & Information Systems (NLDB 2024) will be held in Turin, Italy from June 25-27, 2024. More details on the conference program, registration, and accommodation will be announced soon.

Since 1995, the NLDB conference has brought together researchers, industry practitioners, and potential users interested in applying Natural Language Processing (NLP) to Database and Information Systems. Topics cover a wide range of NLP applications in Information and Communication Systems, including Big Data, Linked Data and Social Networks.

In recent years, NLP has seen exciting advances like Large Language Models, transparency and bias in AI, multimodal models combining NLP and Computer Vision, and conversational AI. These innovations are now powering real-world enterprise applications like recommender systems, sentiment analysis, chatbots, and more.

Thanks to open-source communities, pre-trained language models can now be easily fine-tuned on custom datasets. Businesses are rapidly adopting these latest NLP technologies to solve industry problems.

The 29th NLDB conference provides a forum to share the latest research and industrial applications of NLP across information systems. We welcome novel, unpublished works on all NLP topics described in the Call for Papers.

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