Accepted Papers

Main Track (Full Papers)

Aftab Anjum and Ralf KrestelFine-Tuning BERT On Coarse-Grained Labels: Exploring Hidden States For Fine-Grained Classification
Jonas Schnepf, Tugranur Engin, Simon Anderer and Bernd ScheuermannStudies on the Use of Large Language Models for the Automation of Business Processes in Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Mohamad Ballout, Ulf Krumnack, Gunther Heidemann and Kai-Uwe KühnbergerEfficient Knowledge Distillation: Empowering Small Language Models with Teacher Model Insights
Hye Jin Kim, Nicolas Lell and Ansgar ScherpText Role Classification in Scientific Charts Using Multimodal Transformers
Tiezhu Sun, Weiguo Pian, Nadia Daoudi, Kevin Allix, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé and Jacques KleinLaFiCMIL: Rethinking Large File Classification from the Perspective of Correlated Multiple Instance Learning
Mohsinul Kabir, Faria Binte Kader, Nafisa Hossain Nujat, Tasmia Binte Sogir, Fatin Abrar Shams, Hasan Mahmud and Kamrul HasanUnveiling Depression on Social Media: Active Learning with Human-in-the-Loop Labeling for Mental Health Data Annotation and Analysis
Taichiro Kobayashi, Kanako Komiya and Hiroyuki ShinnouAll-words Pronunciation Estimation of Japanese Homographs Using Automatically Tagged Data
Valeriya Goloviznina and Evgeny KotelnikovI’ve got the “Answer”! Interpretation of LLMs Hidden States in Question Answering
Muhammad Saad Amin, Luca Anselma and Alessandro MazzeiImproving DRS-to-Text Generation through Delexicalization and Data Augmentation
Shubhanker Banerjee, Bharathi Raja Chakravarthi and John McCraeLarge Language Models for Few-Shot Automatic Term Extraction
Kotaro Nagayama, Shota Kato and Manabu KanoData Augmentation Method Utilizing Template Sentences for Variable Definition Extraction
Mehari Yohannes Hailemariam, Steven Lynden, Toshiyuki Amagasa and Akiyoshi MatonoSemi-supervised Named Entity Recognition for Low-Resource Languages using Dual PLMs
Tim Menzner and Jochen L. LeidnerImproved Models for Media Bias Detection and Subcategorization
Wondimagegnhue Tsegaye Tufa, Ilia Markov and Piek VossenGrounding Toxicity in Real-World Events across Languages
Greta Damo, Nicolás Benjamín Ocampo, Elena Cabrio and Serena VillataUnveiling the Hate: Generating Faithful and Plausible Explanations for Implicit and Subtle Hate Speech Detection
Keren Artiaga, Conor Lynch, Haithem Afli and Mohammed HasanuzzamanThe Influence of Iconicity in Transfer Learning for Sign Language Recognition
Elisei Rykov, Egor Malkershin and Alexander PanchenkoS3: A Simple Strong Sample-Effective Multimodal Dialog System
Francesca Grasso, Alberto Valese and Marta MicheliBody-Shaming Detection and Classification in Italian Social Media
Tamás Ficsor and Gábor BerendAdaptive Greedy Layer Pruning: Iterative Layer Pruning With Subsequent Model Repurposing
Fumian Chen, Dayu Yang and Hui FangToward Automatic Group Membership Annotation for Group Fairness Evaluation
Amirhossein Layegh, Amir H. Payberah and Mihhail MatskinREA: Refine-Estimate-Answer Prompting for Zero-Shot Relation Extraction
Vlad-Cristian Matei, Iulian-Marius Tăiatu, Răzvan-Alexandru Smădu and Dumitru-Clementin CercelEnhancing Offensive Language Detection through Knowledge Distillation, Multi-Task Learning and Data Augmentation
Aurora Cerabolini, Gabriella Pasi and Marco VivianiAutomating Gender-Inclusive Language Modification in Italian University Administrative Documents
Dincy R Arikkat, Vinod P, Rafidha Rehiman K. A., Serena Nicolazzo, Antonino Nocera and Mauro ContiAn SoK of Relation Extraction Techniques in Cyber Threat Intelligence
Alejandro Sierra-Múnera and Ralf KrestelShact: Disentangling and Clustering Latent Syntactic Structures from Transformer Encoders
Harrison Gietz and Jugal KalitaMaskPure: Improving Defense Against Text Adversaries with Stochastic Purification
Fillipe Santos, Julio Reis and Marcelo ReisSERIEMA: A Framework to Enhance Clustering Stability, Compactness, and Separation by Fusing Multimodal Data
Anfu Tang, Claire Nédellec, Louise Deléger, Pierre Zweigenbaum and Robert BossyExploiting Graph Embeddings from Knowledge Bases for Neural Biomedical Relation Extraction
Sangpil Youm, Brodie Mather, Chathuri Jayaweera, Juliana Prada and Bonnie DorrDAHRS: Divergence-Aware Hallucination-Remediated SRL Projection
Edmond Menya, Mathieu Roche, Roberto Interdonato and Dickson OwuorEpidGPT: A Combined Strategy to Discriminate Between Redundant and New Information for Epidemiological Surveillance Systems
Morteza Kamaladdini Ezzabady, Frederic Ieng, Hanieh Khorashadizadeh, Farah Benamara, Sven Groppe and Soror SahriTowards Generating High-Quality Knowledge Graphs by Leveraging Large Language Models
Federico Cichetti, Emanuele Parisi, Andrea Acquaviva and Francesco BarchiDeepCodeGraph: A Language Model for Compile-Time Resource Optimization Using Masked Graph Autoencoders
Zhou Gui, Layla Kuty and Andreas HarthDesign and Implementation of a Natural Language Interface for Controlling the Web of Things Devices
Ria Hari Gusmita, Muhammad Faruq, Diego Moussallem and Axel-Cyrille Ngonga NgomoIndEL: Indonesian Entity Linking Benchmark Dataset for General and Specific Domains
Rungsiman Nararatwong, Natthawut Kertkeidkachorn, Yuting Shi and Ryutaro IchiseSemantic Multi-Concept Annotation for Tabular Data in Financial Documents

Main Track (Short Papers)

Linrui Zhang and Belinda CopusLarge-scale Language Models for Sarcasm Detection with Data Augmentation
Gokul Thota and Vasudeva VarmaGenerating entity embeddings for populating Wikipedia Knowledge Graph by Notability detection
Elisa Di Nuovo, Emmanuel Cartier and Bertrand De LonguevilleMeet XLM-RLnews-8: Not just another sentiment analysis model
Wing-Fat Johnny ChengCWordTM: Towards a Topic Modeling Toolkit from Low-Code to Pro-Code
Chengguang Gan, Qinghao Zhang and Tatsunori MoriThink from Words(TFW): Initiating Human-Like Cognition in Large Language Models Through Think from Words for Japanese Text-level Classification
Md Kowsher, Ritesh Panditi, Nusrat Jahan Prottasha, Prakash Bhat, Anupam Kumar Bairagi and Mohammad Shamsul ArefinToken Trails: Navigating Contextual Depths in Conversational AI with ChatLLM
Manzoor Ali, Muhammad Sohail Nisar, Diego Moussallem, Muhammad Saleem and Axel-Cyrille Ngonga NgomoEnhancing Relation Extraction Through Augmented Data: Large Language Models Unleashed
Patrizio Bellan and Mauro DragoniPET Annotation Visualizer: A Tool to Visualize the Process Models Extraction from Text (PET) Dataset
Xiaotong Ye, Ling Xiao, Chi Zhang and Toshihiko YamasakiE-ReaRev: Adaptive Reasoning for Question Answering over Incomplete Knowledge Graphs by Edge and Meaning Extensions
Zehui Liang, Keli Xie, Siyuan Lu, Shiyu Bo, Tuohetiyaer Yeerpan and Zhongfeng WangECR: An Expertise-Enriched Conclude-then-Refine Summarization Framework for Professional Articles
Maria Lysyuk, Mikhail Salnikov, Pavel Braslavski and Alexander PanchenkoKonstruktor: A Strong Baseline for Simple Knowledge Graph Question Answering
Mazen Nabil, Aya Abdalla, Nada Sharaf and Caroline SabtyBridging the Gap: Developing an Automatic Speech Recognition System for Egyptian Dialect Integration into Chatbots
Miao Hu, Zhiwei Lin and Adele MarshallIssue Links Retrieval for New Issues in Issue Tracking Systems
Amit Maraj, Miguel Martin and Masoud MakrehchiCoherence Graphs: Bridging the Gap in Text Segmentation with Unsupervised Learning
Salomon Kabongo Kabenamualu, Jennifer D’Souza and Sören AuerEffective Context Selection in LLM-based Leaderboard Generation: An Empirical Study
Christian Lang, Ngoc Duyen Tanja Tu and Roman SchneiderAutomatic Question Answering for the Linguistic Domain – An Evaluation of LLM Knowledge Base Extension with RAG
Beimnet Zenebe, Yalemisew Abgaz and Solomon GizawEvaluation of Gender Bias in Amharic Word Embedding Model
Joshua Berger, Jonathan Koß, Markos Stamatakis, Anett Hoppe, Ralph Ewerth and Christian WartenaQuestion Generation Capabilities of “Small” Large Language Models
Minal Dani and Maunendra DesarkarDetecting Attribute Information in Notice to Airman
Imane Guellil, Salomé Andres, Bruce Guthrie, Atul Anand, Huayu Zhang, Abul Kalam Hasan, Honghan Wu and Beatrice AlexEnhancing Natural Language Processing Capabilities in Geriatric Patient Care: An Annotation Scheme and Guidelines
Mahsa Shamsabadi and Jennifer D’SouzaA FAIR and Free Prompt-based Research Assistant
Mohammad Arif Payenda, Abdul Razaq Vahidi, Mohammad Ali Hussiny, Andreas Prinz and Lilja ØvrelidPashtoEmo: Enhancing Text-Based Emotion Analysis in the Pashto Language through Dataset Creation
Victor Sotelo, Julia Tessler, Julio Cesar dos Reis and Rodrigo BonacinBEQuizzer: AI-based Quiz Automatic Generation in Portuguese Language
Stephen Mander and Jesse PhillipsLISAScore: Exploring Linear Sum Assignment on BERTScore
Yasir Arfat, Marco. Colella and Enrico MarelloLegal Text Analysis Using Large Language Models in NLP
Tom Pieper, Mohamad Ballout, Ulf Krumnack, Gunther Heidemann and Kai-Uwe KühnbergerEnhancing Small Language Models via ChatGPT and Dataset Augmentation
Roberto Nai, Emilio Sulis, Ishrat Fatima and Rosa MeoLarge Language Models and Recommendation Systems: A Proof-of-Concept Study on Public Procurements
Maria MolchanovaExploring the Potential of Large Language Models for Text-Based Personality Prediction
Francesca Grasso and Stefano LocciAssessing Generative Language Models in Classification Tasks: Performance and Self-Evaluation Capabilities in the Environmental and Climate Change Domain

Industry Track

Ngoc Phuoc An VoCCA – A Hybrid Cognitive Contract Application for Identifying Accounting Risks in Contractual Language
Emilien Caudron, Nathan Ghesquière, Wouter Travers and Alexandra BalahurAdaptation of Large Language Models for the public sector: A clustering use case
Alexandra Zeltsi, Maria Tsourma, Anastasios Alexiadis, Athanasios Mavropoulos, Alexandros Zamichos, Valadis Mastoras, Chrysovalantis-Giorgos Kontoulis, Stelios Andreadis, Annamaria Crisan, Ron Segal, Thanos G. Stavropoulos and Anastasia MatonakiIntelligent Conversational Agent for Medical Information
Maziar Moradi Fard, Camilo Thorne, Paula Sorolla Bayod, Saber Akhondi and Wytze VlietstraAutomated Synonym Discovery for Taxonomy Maintenance using Semantic Search Techniques
Maziar Moradi Fard, Paula Sorolla Bayod, Kiomars Motarjem, Mohammad Alian Nejadi, Camilo Thorne and Saber AkhondiLearning Section Weights for Multi-Label Document Classification
Riya Shah, Bhavin Gor, Vivek Kumar and Vatsal ShahAutomating E&M Coding in Medical Documentation: The Rule-Based Approach
Jennifer Sampson and Peter KoczkaA Multilingual NLP Framework for Offshore Installations
Jennifer Healey, Laurie Byrum, Md. Nadeem Akhtar and Moumita SinhaEvaluating Nuanced Bias in Large Language Model Free Response Answers
Divyanshi Galla, Shaz Hoda, Meiwei Zhang, Wenzhe Quan, Tommy Dong Yang and Joseph VoylesCoURAGE : A framework to evaluate RAG systems